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Code of Conduct
PMPublications operates strictly within its Code of Conduct.

If requested to, PMPublications provides clients with a written proposal of the scope, objectives and terms of reference, including the fee basis, of an assignment and submits details of any subsequent material change to the assignment for agreement by the client.


* At all times puts the interests of its clients above its own interests and acts with the highest standards of competence, objectivity and integrity in the conduct of its business.

* Adopts an independent position with clients ensuring that the professional advice given is based on impartial consideration of the relevant factors and opinions.

* Safeguards the confidentiality of all information provided by or concerning a client and does not take advantage of any such information.

* Does not act for several clients with competing or conflicting interests without prior agreement from all parties.

* Only accepts those assignments which it is qualified and competent to undertake.

* Advises clients immediately if an assignment is considered to be of questionable value to the client.

* Informs clients immediately of any interest or change of circumstances which might prejudice the objectivity of the advice given or the work undertaken.

Version: July 2007 - revised December 2010