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All charges are negotiable and depend on the type and complexity of the work. The fees are agreed before the work is undertaken to enable both parties to budget accurately. We have maintained our highly competitive rates for sometime and the fee range we usually use is given below.


Our pricing for Post-Editing work is based on the rates currently in use by the European Commission and other international bodies.

When working as the principal contractor:

6.75 - 12.50 euro per 1500 characters including spaces (this is approximately a standard A4 page of text with 1.5 line spacing and 12 pt font size), or

42 - 75 euro per hour.

When working as a sub-contractor our charge rate is negotiable.

Proofreading work is charged at the lower end of the price range.

When the Post-Editing work includes document design and layout and other formatting, then the work will be charged at the higher end of the price range.

Pre-production, Electronic Documentation, Web Authoring and Maintenance

Negotiable - based on a pre-agreed number of hours.

Technical Writing

50 - 250 euro per hour depending on the subject matter and length of document. However, we normally agree a fixed price for the assignment.


We submit invoices either on completion of the job or in the fourth week of the month depending on the arrangements with the client. Payment is due within 30 calendar days of the date of invoice unless agreed otherwise in writing. Late payments are subject to the imposition of administration fees.

Version: December 2012